​​Not Just 7 Days
Based on a True Story

"OMG! You have a winner here for sure! Can't wait to see the film once it's made."

Lodi Sansing

New Orleans, Louisiana

Rick Fenner 1978

Not Just 7 Days

The Script

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We invite you to please read and enjoy this

true story.

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When life writes a movie.

"Too damn funny. Would love

to see this on film."

Sharon Langston

Gainsville, Florida

FennerStyles FilmS

In 1978, with values and ideals shattered, Rick, a young disc jocky and news reporter flees Tallahassee bound for Los Angeles.  

Based on a true story.

Not Just 7 Days is one young man's transformational cross country journey that takes him from a life threatening experience to a week of action, drama, erotic encounters and a few of

lifes epiphanies.

         "It was Funny and Poignant" 

         Stephanie Harnack          

         Mission Viejo, California